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Showing Some Side

18 May, 2011 2 comments

The largest project this year was one that was started back in the winter when I layed down cardboard to kill the grass. Eventually all of the grass was killed and it was all mulched. This side includes many Colocasia’s, Caladium’s, banana’s, two Hydrangea’s, a Philodenron, Hosta’s, FernsĀ and a Japanese Maple that I was able to get at a Korger grocery store surprisingly. This picture was taken at the end of April and it has already filled in a bit and the Musa basjoo’s in their second year have shot up.


As Midsummer Ends… Part II

29 July, 2010 4 comments

Here is part II to my blooms.

As hot as it is I still have Pansies blooming like crazy in my front bed. That bed has sun from first morning light til 2p or 3p. I am just surprised because of all the 90’s and humidity we have had.

Viloas in the front bed are still blooming too. Crazy.

These Hosta’s came with the house. They looked like nothing special and were just green. The blooms are very nice though. They are fragrant and are a nice bright white. You can smell them when you walk past.

A unique looking Hosta with a purple and small but awesome bloom.

Here is a look at the purple blooming Hosta’s foliage. Anyone now what kind it is?

Dianella. This plant has been blooming since the spring when I planted it. I know in Florida it only bloomed during the fall and winter months.

Colocasia ‘Black Pearl’ with its second bloom. The pink Crepe Myrtle is blooming as well.