Hardy Colocasia’s

Nelson Park Gardens is home to many Colocasia’s, also known as Elephant Ear’s, that are hardy to zone 7 and zone 6, possibly even colder.

*=Testing Hardiness

**=New For 2011!

Colocasia ‘Big Dipper’*

Colocasia ‘Bikini-tini’**

Colocasia ‘Black Magic’**

Colocasia ‘Black Pearl’

Colocasia ‘Black Runner’**

Colocasia ‘Blue Hawaii’**

Colocasia ‘Diamond Head’**

Colocasia ‘Elena’**

Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’**

Colocasia ‘Illustris’*

Colocasia ‘Lime Aide’**

Colocasia ‘Madeira’**

Colocasia ‘Mojito’**

Colocasia ‘Pink China’*

Colocasia ‘Sangrina’**

Colocasia ‘Surf City’**

Colocasia ‘Tiger Stripe’**

Colocasisa ‘Unknnown’*

Need To Buy:

Colocasia ‘Ruffles’**

***Last updated 02 May, 2011***

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