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Showing Some Side

18 May, 2011 2 comments

The largest project this year was one that was started back in the winter when I layed down cardboard to kill the grass. Eventually all of the grass was killed and it was all mulched. This side includes many Colocasia’s, Caladium’s, banana’s, two Hydrangea’s, a Philodenron, Hosta’s, Ferns and a Japanese Maple that I was able to get at a Korger grocery store surprisingly. This picture was taken at the end of April and it has already filled in a bit and the Musa basjoo’s in their second year have shot up.


Musa Basjoo Is Ready Rumble

4 May, 2011 3 comments





11 April, 2011

18 April, 2011

03 May, 2011

The tallest one you see in the last picture is the one in the first picture. It is already around 4 feet tall, so that is pretty exciting. Can’t wait to see how tall they get this year. Last year I believe it got to 13-14 feet by 07 November when it was frosted. You can see that some of them are starting to actually puch out leaves.


Musa velutina

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Musa Thai Black

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Musa ‘Mekong Giant’

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Musa itenerans

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Musa zebrina

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