Looking Back Part I

All it has been doing here in Kentucky is raining. While the sun continues to come out and play every other day or so, it has mainly stayed away. We also are having some cooler than normal temps so the plants are growing, but a bit slower than normal. That is okay though. I found on my digital camera pictures from September to November of last year I forgot about. I just started using my cameras phone instead. So, we will be taking a look back at last year’s peak growth of the tropicals over the next few post’s.

20 September, 2010

 Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’



Pink Oleander


27 September, 2010

Colocasia ‘Big Dipper’ Bloom


Canna-Forgot The Name


14 October, 2010


Mexican Petunia(Ruellia)


 Acidanthera Bloom

Purple Hyacinth Bean


Colocasia ‘Unknown’


Castor Bean Really Grew

Part II will be up at a later date. I hope you enjoyed. I know I did just looking at them and can’t wait for them to grow back to this size. As I speak though a hevay cold rain is falling with our temps at 46f during the day on the 3rd day of May. Crazy!


  1. 21 July, 2011 at 1:19 PM

    I always wanted to have a castor bean plant. But, every time I reach for my wallet, someone starts telling how poisonous it is! I really like it! Very tropical-looking plant!

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