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Colocasia ‘Pink China’

22 March, 2011 2 comments

Colocasia ‘Pink China’ is one of the hardiest elephant ears around. It is reportedly hardy to zone 6 and possibly zone 5. My ‘Pink China’ has only been through 1 winter and had only seen winter temperatures down to 2f, which is a low zone 7.

My Colocasia ‘Pink China’ grew to about 4-5ft, but can grow larger. Out of all the Colocasias that I grow, both hardy and non-hardy, ‘Pink China’ is the thirstiest. It seems to need water daily if temperatures are in the upper-80’s or hotter, but can make it every other day with lower temperatures. The stems that hold the leaves up is where this Colocasia gets its name from; the stem are pink. The stems are more pink depending on how much sunlight the plant gets. I have also noticed that this Colocasia likes to run with both below and above ground runners. I have it against a fence and it even began growing into the neighbours yard last summer.


Colocasia ‘Pink China’ 2010 Overview


‘Pink China’ 04 October, 2010


Colocasia ‘Pink China’ tubers 21 March, 2011

Winter Temperature Minimum

2010-2011: 2f

Growing Season

2010: April-07 November

2011: 29 April-





Chances Of Survival?

21 March, 2011 5 comments

So, I was finally able to get otuside and take some pictures of my palm tree’s and Loquat. I have no problem showing damage that has occured to my plants. Keep in mind most of these plants looked okay up until about a month ago and that is about when they had their spears pull(talking about the trachy’s here). I would just like to see what you guys think on their survival. These palms had no protection and saw a minimum low of 2f.

Needle Palm





Sabal minor #1





Windmill Palm #1



Windmill #2








Sabal Brazoria


Sabal minor #2


What do you think their chances of recovery are? What do you think I could do to help the recovery along? I will defintely be protecting next year, whether it is for these plants recovered or new ones.


It’s That Time of Year…

19 March, 2011 4 comments

… When the birds are chirping, the sun is rising higher and higher in the sky, the Crocus and Doffodils are blooming or about to bloom, and the dust is brushed off the garden old blog. Just cause I haven’t been posting, doesn’t mean I have forgotten about this favorite thing of mine. It has been a long, cold winter and I have missed communicating with all of you. While I don’t have a whole lot to show you at the moment, I do have something. More will be on the way fairly shortly I would say.

The warmest temps of  the year hit us this week. 70’s were common with 78f being the high Thursday and 82f on Friday. Our temps are being knocked back down and it may even get cold enough to snow by next Thursday and Friday, but we all know that it is getting to that point where there is no return to the cold for 7-8 months(longer or shorter depending on where you call home).

This wee I was happy to get a package from  Plant Delights Nursery out of North Carolina. Their plants are a bit expensive but they also seem to be of great quality and care. I ordered back in January two different banana tree’s. Musa sikkimenis ‘Bengal Tiger’ and Musa itenerans. I am very excited to have both and I can’t wait to get to plant them. I just have to wait for the ground to warm up a bit. Currently at 50f-60f for a ground temperature.

Musa sikkimenis ‘Begal Tiger’


Musa itenerans


I thought I would do a little update and let you know where I am at during this time of year. I already have most of the new beds made except for one. I jsut need to mulch another one. I can’t wait to get the 2011 season on and started.

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