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Rain And Not Snow

5 February, 2011 3 comments

It looks like Lexington has went back to its regular “Little Seattle” like weather. Cold(not cold enough for snow), cloudy and rainy days. I am honestly fine with this type of weather but I would rather have snow. Tuesday our system was all rain and no snow and today I thought we would at least see a mix but no go there. We have hit all the way up to 42f and we are now at 38f. We just had a heavy rain mnix/sleet which isn’t sticking due to the warm ground. 

Rain Tuesday Night

What will the rest of the winter hold? I hope for more snow but I am tired of 2″-4″ events and would liike 6″+. What is interesting about the system Tuesday was the heavy rain. The rain fell really hard and the wind blew really fast. It reminded me of a thunderstorm during the summer except it wasn’t warm and there was no thunder or lightning.


A New Landscape Bed

1 February, 2011 2 comments

I have had the cardboard alyed out for close to a month and I had a bunch of random junk laying on it so it wouldn’t blow around. Yesterday in pouring rain I purchused mulch from Lowes and then layed it on the cardboard. Today we hit 60f and I decided to lay it out.