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Mid-Winter Plant Update

20 January, 2011 4 comments

Okay, so I have taken pictures of some of my main plants or some of the plants that have surprised me. Keep in mind my lowest temps have been 2f, 2f, and 3f this winter and two of those nights we had at least 3-5″ of snow. I also have not done any kind of protection.

First up is a pink Oleander that bloomed for me off and on last summer. I planted it in June or July and it has went without protection. It has surprised me by how well it has handled the snow and our one small ice storm. I expected it to burn to the ground the first time we got below 20f. I actually have two of these in two different locations but this one is the largest one.



The next plant is a Trachycarpus wagerianius X fortunei. This palm showed no sign of growth disruption when I planted it in the spring. It kept pushing out frond after frond after frond. When it finally stopped growing it had one frond that had begun the open and another spear at the base. Both of these have pulled unfortunately. Still I think this palm will do fine and spring right back into action. The first picture was taken on Monday, 17 Januray and the second one was taken today, 20 January. Since monday it has been above freezing everyday, mainly in the 40’s and has rained.



Then the next Windmill is one that I first bought in fall 2007 to plant in my Kentucky yard in 2008, but I moved to Florida. I planted it in 2008 in Florida and it did nothing. Finally, in May 2009 it started to grow and continued to push out fronds until I December. After it had already slowed down I dug it up and potted it until this spring when it was planted at my new house in Kentucky. It did what it did in Florida, nothing. The partial pushed out spear stayed still until October when it started to move a little and then another new spear made an appearnce at the bottom of the old spear. Unlike the above Windmill, this palm’s spears’ have not pulled and remain in there firm. I think it will bounce back as well.



There you have it. I could be very wrong and come spring they all three croak on me, but for now all looks well.


Still Here

15 January, 2011 2 comments

Hello! It has been a longtime but I still do not have a new laptop but will be getting one soon. Not much has happened and this seems to be my downtime regardless of having a laptop or not. It has been a very cold and snowy winter here in Lexington this winter season. It has been cold and snowy since Black Friday when we recieved our first snowfall for the winter season. I am a snow lover and still would love a huge snowstorm here in Lexington but the cold has been making me want spring more and more everyday. I hate that it can be 30f and we get a nice snowfall and then the days to weeks after it we barely hit 20f if we do. I have enjoyed the constant snow cover and snow falling this season. Our coldest tempetures have been:

12/8….. 8f

12/9….. 9f

12/14… 5f

12/15… 2f*

12/19… 2f*

1/8……. 9f

1/9……. 3f

*= The coldest low of this winter season.

Winter started so quickly and between life and everything I wasn’t able to protect anything and that includes even giving a winter mulching to things. I used the Banana Tree’s leaves on themselves and some other stuff but that was it. This winter will defintely be a test for them to go through.

Number of highs since November 1 that have been at or below freezing: 19

I am actually surprised myself after looking at it because that isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It seems more like 30 days so I will take and accept 19 days.

Anyway, here are some pictures that were taken on December 4. We had recieved 4.50″ of fresh powder!

Trachycarpus in Snow


Loquat in Snow


Needle Palm in Snow


I will try and get on here more often it just depends on when I can until I get my own laptop again.