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Pink Muhly Grass(Muhlenbergia capillaris)

When I moved to Florida in May 2008 I saw all this plain looking grass planted and I thought why is so much of this planted. To me it had no interest and wasn’t that pretty. Come October 2008 I was looking up what this ornamental grass was because it was beautiful. Since I have seen the first pink plumes I have been in love with it. Of course I had to get some for my landscape here in Kentucky. I purchased eight plants from Santa Rosa Gardens in April and planted them out in my front yard. One did die and it was with the three plants that I have a picture of. The three plants grew into each other for a quicker and larger looking plant. The other four are planted elsewhere but are not blooming as well due to an incident with a weed eater with a lawn service guy. Apparently he thought INSIDE the beds needed weed eating.

It started blooming around Labour Day and is continuing to do so and from what I have read should stay pink for some time before fading later on in the winter. I am not so sure how the plumes handle any snow that may fall and try to rest on them.

Pink Muhly Grass is a native of the southeast but I think only in the coastal/sandy areas. I could be wrong. I do know that it is hardy to zone 6 though so it should be fine hear in Lexington. I noticed one of the Lowe’s stores was carrying some and two weeks ago they were 75% off. I think I may go look later this week and see if they still have them because I have a plan to use Muhly Grass on a larger scale next year for a beautiful mass planting.

There is also a White Muhly Grass but I have no idea how it looks in person. The pictures don’t make me go,”Wow!” like the Pink Muhly’s pictures do.


  1. 3 October, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    The pink muhly is an incredible grass! It does not grow well for me here but a blogger in Knoxville (Fairegarden) has quite a stand of it. Wow wow wow on it! I think if I were you I’d go back to Lowes soon and pick up those marked down plants. Muhly looks so good in mass. You can divide it though.

    Awesome on the windmill palm seedling. I hope it makes it thru the winter. Maybe with some mulch?

    I have to ask, what was a mower guy thinking to weed inside the beds? Duh.

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