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Summer Is Done

4 September, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

As far as I am concerned summer for 2010 is done. It has been a very long and very hot summer and I am so ready for autumn to take control of North America. As much as I love snow and cold winter weather, i would not mind a long and drawn out fall this year. I follow along with the “meteorological” beginnings of the seasons so as of September 1, we are in fall and early fall at that. While summer extended into the first 2 days of fall, we are finally in for a treat weather wise here in Lexington, Kentucky. Today, highs in the lows 70’s and tomorrow morning we are looking like the low 40’s will occur and we will be knocking on some record low door as we could get very close to record lows.

During the last days of August I captured some pictures of blooms in my landscape. Most of the Hosta’s are done blooming and are starting to make seed pods or are doing nothing at all. I have one variety of Hosta that is reblooming and I have another variety that is just now starting to bloom, a really late bloomer. The first Liriope that started to bloom is starting to set seed and the Crepe Myrtle blooms are starting to look tired but are still a very vibrant pink.

I may or may not have gotten pictures of the following stuff. I actually don’t recall since I uploaded the pictures of Friday to Word Press. The White and Red Knockout Roses are still bringing it and are probably the most prolific bloomers in my landscape right now.   The Society Garlic sent out new stalks and I can only assume that the ones it just sent up will probably be the last ones for the season but I can’t be positive on that. Then I have my Mexican Petunia that of course continues to bloom and will due so unaffected by temperature until the first heavy frost. Now done with my long winded-ness and onto the pictures.

Pink Oleandar

Hyacinth Bean Vine-Avery nice spring smell at the end of summer/beginning of fall.

The last Sunflower with two bee’s.

Dianthus ‘Firewitch’

A gorgeous potted Mum(Chrysanthemum)

Pink Crepe Myrtle

So there you have it! A lot of pink which was not on purpose, it just sorta happened. Some of these pictures are not my best pictures but that is mainly because I was losing light fast and so I did have some of the pictures blur that I couldn’t tell on the camera LCD screen.

  1. 4 September, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    It’s not quite done here. I believe this is the most colorful post you have posted. Nice.

    • Jake
      4 September, 2010 at 10:18 AM

      Thanks. I am trying t have more booming plants and I think this is the most I have ever had blooming at once and I didn’t even post pictures of all the plants as I wrote. Summer isn’t done here either unfortunately, I think the mid to upper 80’s are expected again this week but definitely not as hot as it has been. The heat also hasn’t had any humidity with it lately or not enough for me having lived in FL to notice.

  2. 4 September, 2010 at 12:36 PM

    Boy waking up this morning was quite a shocker-a pleasant one though we still badly badly need some rain. My daughter lives in Louisville and it seems that part of KY and perhaps yours has received rain? I hope so. That with the cool weather is indeed a happy gift.

    I noticed you changed the name of your blog? I updated it on my links page. I think the new name fits well since you seem to love tropicals. Are you going to try to winter over the Mexican petunia or will it self seed? I have a Mexican butterfly weed that self seeds nicely so maybe this petunia will? It is a plant I’ve always admired. Now I’m on my way to try to smell my hyacinth beans. I had no idea they had a nice scent but will soon enjoy it on this glorious day. You enjoy yours too. All too soon we’ll be in that long winter. The good thing is we can still somewhat garden during it.

    • Jake
      4 September, 2010 at 8:44 PM

      The line of rain pretty much died out after leaving the Louisville area. I received a whole 0.03″ of rain yesterday. It may have been cooler last night but I had to water. It is so dry and really the wind with the front didn’t help the dryness. The cool weather is gift enough for me although I guess I can be rude and be like is that all, I wanted rain! Lol.

      I did change the name to the blog. I do love tropicals and I don’t have any unique traditional plants really. Lol. I have rooted a piece of the Mexican Petunia just incase the current plant doesn’t come back. I think if we can stay in the zone 7 range that we usually do that it may comeback but we will all just have to wait and see. I can’t decide if it is the kind that seeds or the newer hybrid that doesn’t seed. I know it spreads more by running and rooting. I love it.

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