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As Midsummer Ends…

I wanted to take time to show what is blooming in my yard as midsummer comes to a close Saturday. I don’t have a ton of blooms but I do have some blooms and I think they are worth showing. This will be a two-part post with this post today and the second post tomorrow.

Society Garlic. I was worried about both of my clumps not blooming this year because as of just a few weeks ago they were not blooming. They are now blooming like crazy!

Daylily ‘Pandora’s Box’. This Daylily is beautiful and has been blooming off and on since the end of June.

Pink Rain Lily. The three Rain Lilies I have are blooming well this summer. The blooms also last longer than a day unlike in Florida. I have seen them last three days here in Kentucky.

Sunflower’s and Mexican Petunia blooming in the tropical bed.

A blurry Sunflower but I still think it looks beautiful.

Purple Heart with a bloom. This started from a  small cutting and has grown into a nice clump over the summer.

Orange Sunflower

Mexican Petunia

That is part one of the blooms. I hope it was enjoyable. Please return tomorrow to see part two.


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