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A Bit of Blooming

This year there isn’t a lot of blooming and that is mainly because I used most of the money set aside for landscaping on plants that do not bloom. Hopefully next year I will have more blooms. So here are the little amount of blooms that I do have. There are a few more but you have alrady missed the Amaryllis blooming and most of the Daylilies.

Here is my Mexican Petunia that was just a cutting last November and didn’t grow at all until the beginning of June. I am not sure how my grandma’s plant that I gave to her last summer did during the winter since she moved up here to Lexington from southwest Kentucky.  It has now been blooming quite a few blooms every day.

I started this Crepe from a cutting I took last July in Florida from one of my front yard Crepes at my house.  It rooted and then lost it’s leaves for the fall and then I put it in a container where it stayed in my garage in Kentucky until April. When I planted it in April it was literally a twig with four leaves. All I ever expected to get from it this year was growth. I never expected it to show it’s cheerful pink blooms and grow this much.

The Mexican Petunia is still growing as is the Crepe so I can only be happy with these plants. Next year I hope to add more blooming plants even if they are just annuals.


  1. 16 July, 2010 at 5:36 AM

    Very exciting when our rooting adventures take hold and produce beautiful blooms!

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