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June 2010 Weather Summary

The June 2010 Monthly Weather Summary:

Average High: 82f/29c     Avergae Low: 62f/18c     Average Rainfall: 4.58″/116.332mm

2010 High: 86f/30c     2010 Low: 67f/19c      2010 Rainfall: 4.69″/119.126mm

Departure: +4 degrees                     Departure: +5 degrees            Departure: +0.11″/+2.794mm

Snowfall: 0.00″ /0.00mm   Average Snowfall: 0.00″/0.00mm

Departure: 0.00″/0.00mm

Number of Highs at or Below 32f/0c degrees: 0

Number of Lows at or Below 32f/0c degrees: 0

Number of Highs at or Above 90f/32c or Hotter: 8

Number of Lows at or above 75f/24c or Hotter: 0

Number of Records: 0

Highest Recorded Temperature: 91f/33c degrees on June 21, 22, 23, and 26

Lowest Recorded Temperature: 59f/15c degrees on June 7

June 2010 has been miserable hot and humid and I am glad that it is over. It ended on a cooler note that I wish would hang around for the rest of the summer but I am doubting that it will. The plants have loved the weather that this June has given them despite the rain not coming at all the right times. Lexington was closing in on the 6th hottest June on record for Lexington but because of the last two days of the month it may have been bumped to a less hotter spot but still within the top ten hottest Junes on record.

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