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31 July, 2010 3 comments

Yesterday was very refreshing because there was no humidity and our high was only 83f with a breeze. I love it and hope we are headed towards more days like that. Today’s post is kinda just a mixed bag of goodies. I hope you guys are happy that I have posted a new post every day since Tuesday.

This is one of my favorite ornamental grasses that I was introduced to in Florida. It is Sandcord Grass. It has grown really well here this summer and I have read it can live in zone 6 or 7 which is exactly the two zones Lexington falls in between.  I can’t wait to see how it does.

Last summer this Loquat was only a foot tall and now look at it. It has grown so quickly in two years. I guess I will see how this does this winter. I am not sure. I read they can take zone 7 so it is an expiremeint. I would suggest them for an evergreen tree.

These are my three Mimosa seedlings that I started mid-June. I thought they were the plain green type but I think they are the red type. I lost most of the red seed or so I had thought. These have stayed red and are actually more  red now then they are in this photo. The green ones I have started from seed before were green the entire time.

If you are into pushing your hardiness zone with tropical plants or palms then I would recommend checking out this facebook group, The Rainforest Garden Facebook Group.



Growing Fast

30 July, 2010 4 comments

My Banana Tree’s and Castor Bean plant are all growing so fast that you can tell they are taller daily. I just wanted to just show you how they grew.

The Banana’s

These tree’s are putting out 3-4 four new leaves a week. The Banana on the right was actually a lot smaller then the Banana on the left.

13 July, 2010

26 July, 2010

The Castor Bean

Thirteen days of growth…

13 July, 2010

21 July, 2010

26 July, 2010


As Midsummer Ends… Part II

29 July, 2010 4 comments

Here is part II to my blooms.

As hot as it is I still have Pansies blooming like crazy in my front bed. That bed has sun from first morning light til 2p or 3p. I am just surprised because of all the 90’s and humidity we have had.

Viloas in the front bed are still blooming too. Crazy.

These Hosta’s came with the house. They looked like nothing special and were just green. The blooms are very nice though. They are fragrant and are a nice bright white. You can smell them when you walk past.

A unique looking Hosta with a purple and small but awesome bloom.

Here is a look at the purple blooming Hosta’s foliage. Anyone now what kind it is?

Dianella. This plant has been blooming since the spring when I planted it. I know in Florida it only bloomed during the fall and winter months.

Colocasia ‘Black Pearl’ with its second bloom. The pink Crepe Myrtle is blooming as well.

As Midsummer Ends…

28 July, 2010 Leave a comment

I wanted to take time to show what is blooming in my yard as midsummer comes to a close Saturday. I don’t have a ton of blooms but I do have some blooms and I think they are worth showing. This will be a two-part post with this post today and the second post tomorrow.

Society Garlic. I was worried about both of my clumps not blooming this year because as of just a few weeks ago they were not blooming. They are now blooming like crazy!

Daylily ‘Pandora’s Box’. This Daylily is beautiful and has been blooming off and on since the end of June.

Pink Rain Lily. The three Rain Lilies I have are blooming well this summer. The blooms also last longer than a day unlike in Florida. I have seen them last three days here in Kentucky.

Sunflower’s and Mexican Petunia blooming in the tropical bed.

A blurry Sunflower but I still think it looks beautiful.

Purple Heart with a bloom. This started from a  small cutting and has grown into a nice clump over the summer.

Orange Sunflower

Mexican Petunia

That is part one of the blooms. I hope it was enjoyable. Please return tomorrow to see part two.


Vigorous Windmill Palm

27 July, 2010 2 comments

Last year I received  a Windmill Palm that I purchased from someone on a Hardy Palm Board. It had to stay in it’s small pot from when I received it in September or August. I planted the palm in the ground in April and it hasn’t skipped a beat. I am not even sure how many fronds that it has put out this growing season. It is not only my fastest growing Windmill it is also my greenest.

I thought I was told it is a Trachycarus wagnerianus but I don’t think that it looks like one. I am not sure what kind it is exactly.

An overview of the palm.

Another view.


A Bit of Blooming

15 July, 2010 1 comment

This year there isn’t a lot of blooming and that is mainly because I used most of the money set aside for landscaping on plants that do not bloom. Hopefully next year I will have more blooms. So here are the little amount of blooms that I do have. There are a few more but you have alrady missed the Amaryllis blooming and most of the Daylilies.

Here is my Mexican Petunia that was just a cutting last November and didn’t grow at all until the beginning of June. I am not sure how my grandma’s plant that I gave to her last summer did during the winter since she moved up here to Lexington from southwest Kentucky.  It has now been blooming quite a few blooms every day.

I started this Crepe from a cutting I took last July in Florida from one of my front yard Crepes at my house.  It rooted and then lost it’s leaves for the fall and then I put it in a container where it stayed in my garage in Kentucky until April. When I planted it in April it was literally a twig with four leaves. All I ever expected to get from it this year was growth. I never expected it to show it’s cheerful pink blooms and grow this much.

The Mexican Petunia is still growing as is the Crepe so I can only be happy with these plants. Next year I hope to add more blooming plants even if they are just annuals.


Lowe’s 75% Off Tropicals

12 July, 2010 1 comment

The Lowe’s here in Lexington already have what tropical’s they have left for sale, 75% off. That much off of course excited me.  I bought what I thought was Colocasia ‘Black Magic’ but I am not sure about that anymore and I will let you decide. I also got two Canna’s, two Dwarf Pink Oleanders(I thought I would try them out as cheap as they are). Then I went to another Lowe’s and they had my second favorite Colcoasia, ‘Illustris’. I have been missing mine since mine rotted n my garage. This Lowe’s did not count the Elephant Ears as a part of the 75% sale.

One of the Oleanders

The second Oleander

Canna. Anyone know what type?

Canna #2. Again, Know what type?

Colocasia ‘Illustris’

Unsure Colocasia