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The Elephant Ear’s

Most of my colocasia’s survived the winter in a pot in my garage which never dropped below 40f. I did lose one Alocasia and my ‘Illustris’ and an unknown colocasia to rot. The surviving plants are ‘Pink China’, ‘Big Dipper’, ‘Black Pearl’ and another unknown colocasia that I purchased off of Ebay last year. I seems that these plants are growing much better and larger here in Kentucky. I think  it has to do with the ground holding more water then the sandy Florida soil. I know I can’t take credit for watering any of these plants because I have done it once this summer. All the other watering has been from rain and that hasn’t been too regular.

This is my ‘Black Pearl’. This plant didn’t have too long to grow in Florida before cooler weather came and I dug it up to put it in a pot for the move to Kentucky. It has been producing huge leaves and is sending out quite a few runners. One runner has reached about two feet and is into the grass. I really like the dark mark at the center of the leaf and along the green leaves. I had no idea that this plant sent out runners.

In front of it is a Crepe Myrtle that was just a one branch seedling that is close to blooming.

The ‘Pink China’ colocasia is probably my favorite. I love the way it bunches up together and the pink stems. It is reported hardy to zone 6 and possible zone 5. It too has started to send out runners away from the main plant. I had no idea that this colcoasia would send out any runner at all either.

Colocasia ‘Pink China’

The odd thing about my ‘Pink China’ and possibly all of them is the fact that it keeps producing variegated leaves every couple of leaves. I am going to watch and see because I believe it is just on of the plants, the original, that is doing this.

Here is another view of the ‘Pink China’. The two rocks I have them set part underground because the rain was washing the mulch because it is kinda a slope from the front yard through to the backyard. I think it looks good against the plant.

The next Colocasia is the ‘Big Dipper’ that has just started to hold water in it’s leaves. It is doing well and I actually have it in two other areas because I thought they were the other colocasia’s that rotted. It too has surprised me by sending out runners.

Here is the ‘Big Dipper’ and you can see all of the babies.

The final Colocasia is the unknown one that I bought from a person on Ebay last summer. I have always like it and it is different looking. The stems are held high and the leaves are kind tilted. It is producing babies but as so far not produced any runners. This and the regular green colocasia are the only two that performed well in Florida last summer.

I will have to try and get a better picture of how it holds it’s leaves.

I feel really good about the growth thus far and for the rest of the summer. I am only really missing my ‘Illustris’ and a ‘Black Magic’ and regular Colocaisa to a lesser extent but I would still love to have those two.

  1. 30 June, 2010 at 6:49 AM

    looks good

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