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February 2010 Weather Summary

The February 2010 Monthly Weather Summary:

Average High: 45f/7.2c     Avergae Low: 28f/-2.2c     Average Rainfall:3.27 ″/83.058mm

2009 High: 37f/2.8c     2009 Low: 23f/-5c      2009 Rainfall: 0.95″/24.13mm

Departure: -9 degrees                     Departure: -4 degrees            Departure: -2.32″/-58.298mm

Snowfall: 13.40″ /340.36mm   Average Snowfall: 4.70″/119.38mm

Departure: +8.70″/+241.30mm

Number of Highs at or Below 32f/0c degrees: 12

Number of Lows at or Below 32f/0c degrees: 25

Number of Highs at or Above 90f/32.2c or Hotter: 0

Number of Records: 0

Highest Recorded Temperature: 66f/18.9c degrees on February 21

Lowest Recorded Temperature: 12f/-11.1c degrees on February 10 and 12

WINTER 2009-2010 SNOWFALL YTD: 29.60″/751.84mm


February 2010 was very cold and snowy.

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