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Snow Storm Pictures

7″ of powder fell on us from around 830p Friday the 29th to around 1200p Saturday the 30th. The snow was just that, powder, not a good snow to make a snowman and below you will see my efforts. It was a good snow to sled on and many people did do just that, not me.

The snow covered field behind my house.

Snowy Field in My Backyard

The Japanese Maple and Spanish Moss got stuck in a snow drift.

Japanese Maple and Spanish Moss

These Palm Tree’s prove yet again to be VERY hardy. : )

These Palms Can Take It.

No snow update would be complete with out a picture of Buddha covered in it, would it?

Buddha Update

You can see how deep the snow is; it had already melted a little before this picture was taken.

Meet the Snowball Guy. He looks a lot larger then he really was, he was literally the size of a snowball. To all my readers who have never has the pleasure of making an snowball it was about the size of your hand holding a ball.

A Snowball Guy

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Since my yard isn’t mine yet this is all I have to offer you and weather information. Next winter will be better with updates on my hardy Palms and other plants.


  1. 4 February, 2010 at 5:14 AM

    I’ll have to admit, these are the hardiest palms I’ve ever seen, tee hee. The snow powder is very pretty …love the snoman ball!

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