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January 2010 Weather Summary

The January 2010 Monthly Weather Summary:

Average High: 43f/6.1c     Avergae Low: 26f/-3.3c     Average Rainfall: 3.34″/84.836mm

2009 High: 40f/4.4c     2009 Low: 20f/-6.67c      2009 Rainfall: 3.24″/82.296mm

Departure: -3 degrees                     Departure: -6 degrees            Departure: -0.10″/-2.54mm

Snowfall: 15.30″ /338.62mm   Average Snowfall: 5.80″/147.32mm

Departure: +9.50″/+241.30mm

Number of Highs at or Below 32f/0c degrees: 13

Number of Lows at or Below 32f/0c degrees: 22

Number of Highs at or Above 90f/32.2c or Hotter: 0

Number of Records: 0

Highest Recorded Temperature: 58f/14.4c degrees on January 16

Lowest Recorded Temperature: 5f/-15c degrees on January 3

WINTER 2009-2010 SNOWFALL YTD: 17.70″/449.58mm


January was definitely a very cold month at the start and very snowy as well. At one point this month out High temperatures were 16 degrees below normal and out Low temperatures were 13 degrees below normal. So far just the first day of February is a lot more warmer, we will see if that holds true.

  1. 2 February, 2010 at 4:58 AM

    I for one am having no trouble saying goodbye to January!

    • Jake
      2 February, 2010 at 12:28 PM

      Me neither! The main problem is I am hearing is next week Arctic air may move back into the United States. I really don’t need that, 12 days below freezing were more than enough. Luckily, the coldest we have been has only been 5f this winter.


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