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Winter Sunsets

18 February, 2010 3 comments

I do have to say that there are something that I like about some sunsets during the winter. Maybe it is because it feels as if everything on earth is grasping for what little amount of warmth that the sun is giving off before it disappears and the cold temperatures drop even more.

At this point in winter with every sunset we move closer to a new day that is even closer to warmer weather and spring’s arrival.



Lexington Undercover Part II

17 February, 2010 2 comments

Okay, so here is the second part of my snow pictures. I can also confidently confirm that at my house I saw 6″ of snow. I do, however, have snow drifts around my house mainly along the sides of the house that range from 2 to 3 feet. I know this because I fell into it and then I measured, lol.

The first set of pictures was taken in the country close to the Bluegrass airport. Yes. There is an airport, but it is kinda built up on some land and all of these farms are below it’s level. It really isn’t that far in the country either.

This is a castle that was built in Versailles which is right by Lexington. Also a KY factoid: It’s pronounced Vehr sells and not the french way. Here is more info on it, it’s now a hotel.

This begins the pictures taken at The Kentucky Horse Park.

I am pretty sure this is where the horse Man O’ War was buried. I at least know it is a statue of Man O’ War.

This is a large outdoor mall/shopping centre in Lexington. This is the sign that you see if you are coming from the interstate. I just thought it was rather pretty covered in snow.

This is how the roads looked on Monday throughout the day. They look worst then they were and were a lot worst earlier in the morning.

So, there you have it. A nice look at Lexington, KY the Horse Capital of the World, in case you missed the dominance of horses n Lexington, lol.


Lexington Undercover Part I

16 February, 2010 2 comments

Yesterday the 15th Lexington finally got a snowstorm that was worth at least a little more then the past few have been. The snow fell throughout the day and we got 5″-6″ by the night. It is still snowing now and is suppose to snow through Wednesday.

These pictures were taken at a park in Lexington called Willow Oak Park. Oddly, there is not a single Willow at this park, lol. This park is off of Boston Road in a neighborhood but the park is easily visible from the road.

I love this picture! It looks like the front of a Christmas card.

The ducks don’t seem to mind the weather at all. They just continued floating along the little creek that feeds the pond.

I hope you enjoyed these wintery sights. Tomorrow I will post Part II which includes some farm land covered in snow and a few pics of the Kentucky Horse Park. Then Wednesday I will post pictures from around my house from today and maybe from tomorrow. It depends on if we get a lot more snow over tonight; if we do then tomorrow ‘s pictures will be put up Thursday.


Snow Hurricane

15 February, 2010 4 comments

Here in Lexington the Low with the clipper decided to come through Lexington. We got 2″-4″ of snow and now we are in the “eye”. Winds are now blowing 35mph and we are about the get into the rest of the storm. It looks like a hurricane on the radar despite it rotating the wrong direction.


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No Snow Weekend

12 February, 2010 1 comment

It is nice that we don’t have a Winter Storm bearing down on us just to disappoint in what it drops from the sky. It is rather cold and it doesn’t look like we will have a high of 40f or warmer until sometime in March.

The Winter Olympics start today! I like the Winter Olympics much more than the Summer. The events are more of an interests to me.

Possible Winter Storm for us Sunday-Monday; they seem to have no clue what will happen. I hope to see snow pictures from FL if you do in fact get any.


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Dare I Say It?

10 February, 2010 2 comments

The thought in my head seems even stupid to me after all I have said about the state of Florida. However, I must say at this point in time I really am missing the warmth of the Florida winter. I really must tell you, however I do have a cold today and my nose and head are both hurting.  I feeling ill and then the arctic fronts wind howling up to 35mph and making it feel like it is way below 0f isn’t helping as well. I wouldn’t want to stay in Florida for long; just a weekend would be lovely. I even have to say that I would never want to live there again but, I feel like for some reason I will end up back there, hmmm….

Anyway, here is a nice picture from a warmer time in October.

My Rojo Banana that I fear the freeze has taken to the ground. Looking at this makes me warm but, seeing the St. Augustine Grass makes me want to scream. Lol.

We are stuck in an arctic pattern here in Central Kentucky and with off and on snow chances but, nothing big which makes me hate this horrid weather even more now. I need to go to bed at this late hour yet, I was having a hard time going to sleep. Even I can see I am very grumpy in my writing.

Hopefully, I will feel better by the next time I write.


Southwestern Kentucky

6 February, 2010 2 comments

My Grandma lives in the Southwestern part of Kentucky in a city called Glasgow that is a little west of Bowling Green, KY. The temperatures in this part of Kentucky are normally higher both highs and lows for most of the year. It seems however their low on really cold winter mornings are lower than that of Lexington.  I’m not sure what stops our lows from going lower than theirs . Maybe it is because of the Kentucky River flowing to the east of us or maybe it is the Lexington area has an “Urban Heat Island”.

Last summer when I visited her I brought her some plants from Florida. Many were plants that will be hardy here in Kentucky. I brought her some kind of fountain grass, a Windmill Palm seedling and some Purple Mexican Petunia. All of the plants did well for her after I planted them in June. The Mexican petunia is the plant that she loved the most and always had to tell me about when I called to chat with her. It is in a good microclimate between her air conditioning unit and her giant concrete patio.

Here is the Mexican Petunia since it has been frosted down.

The Mexican Petunia is in a great location sitting between a large concrete patio and the air conditioning unit.

Here is the area where the fountain grass is planted and the Windmill Palm seedling.

Here is the Windmill Palm seedling. It has seen 1f and looks okay since leaves accumulated around it and it gets some protection from the fountain grass foliage and the concrete patio.

This is the Mailbox planting I did for her before I moved to Florida, so this will be it’s third summer in the ground and this is currently it’s second winter. There are some Daylilies, Liriope, Hens and Chickens, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, Daffodils and Mexican Feather Grass.

Here is the Mexican Feather Grass. I had it in Lexington with me before I gave them to her. This is their third winter and the coldest they have gotten are; 3f in 07-08; 2f in 08-09; and so far -4 in 09-10.  This is how they looked before the  -4f; in the picture they had only seen 1f. The green isn’t nearly covering the plant as usual for this time of  year either.

A bonus picture is of a large Mimosa tree that is pretty old in her neighbors backyard. It is very beautiful in bloom, but it has seeded all over my Grandma’s backyard.

This concludes the Southwestern Kentucky update. I hope you enjoyed. In the spring I will be visiting again and will be able to update you on how things look and if the Mexican Petunia comes back. All in all this part of Kentucky both culturally and geographically is different from the Lexington area. It reminds me and seems to be more like Tennessee which is fine. Places so close to other states should influence each others areas.