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January 29-30 Snow Storm

30 January, 2010 6 comments

Okay, so the snow storm ended up trending northward and we finally broke that 6″ barrier that Lexington constantly reaches, but never can break past. Our total comes in at 7″ from this little storm; not as much as I wanted, but I will take it. This storm was a big disappointment for those in Nashville, TN who were promised 10″ or more of snow from this. In reality they only received 4″-5″ before they switched over to ice and freezing rain.

The snow in the Lexington area had a very sharp cut off. The northwestern part of the Lexington area only received 2″ of snow. The totals went up as you headed southwest through the county where up to 7″ were seen. I am in the southwestern part of the Lexington area and I am happy about that, lol.

A Small Park in Lexington

That is a view from a hill where a Kroger Grocery Store sits and overlooks a small park that belongs to a neighborhood. Sorry, that the picture isn’t the best, it was taken with my cell phone, all I had with me. I will get some pictures of the snow tomorrow though for you guys. This part of Lexington only saw 5″-6″.

My weather source is saying that in February we will have plenty more snow storms here in Central Kentucky. He is also fairly confident that we have not seen our largest snow for this winter which as me very excited as much as I want to get started on my landscape.

All in all, I don’t think 13″ of snow is too bad for just the month of January. Do you?



Preparations For Spring!

28 January, 2010 6 comments

Okay, so I promised to keep you up to date on what I am doing for spring and my plans for my garden. I am sorry that I do not have pictures of the process. Some of the seeds outer shells had to be removed and my hands were rather gross, blue and sticky.

Saturday I spent 3 hours planting some palm and other plant seeds. I planted 15 Sabal etonia seed, 149 Windmill Palm seeds, Yucca rostrata seed, Pink Mexican Petunia seeds, Mimosa ‘Summer Chocolate’ seed, Passiflora Hardy Blue seed, Rose of Sharon(ROS) ‘Helene’ seed, ROS ‘Chiffon’ seed, ROS ‘Blue Satin’ seed, Malva ‘zebrina’ seed, White TX Star Hibiscus seed, Red TX Star Hibiscus seed, Red Poppy seed, Crepe ‘Dynamite’ seed, Sabal Louisiana ‘Stiff Leaf’ seed, Sabal Louisiana seed, Sabal minor ‘McCurtain’ seeds, Sabal minor ‘NE Texas’ seed, Musa ‘Helens’ seed, Musa ‘Red Tiger’ seed.
Busy, busy, busy!. I have a lot of plants I brought with me and so far they are all living and doing very well! Busy spring ahead of me and I just want it to get here.  We have a Winter Storm with possibly large amounts of snow coming tomorrow through Saturday. The weather models have been everywhere this week, so anywhere between Flurries to 18″ could be possible, lol.


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A Bad Blogger I Have Been

25 January, 2010 5 comments

I have been horrible at updating this blog and that is due mainly to the fact that it is hard to blog about your garden when you don’t have any plants that matter to you planted in it. I promised snow pictures so I will give those to you. We ended up with a 6″ snow by the end of this storm earlier this month.

Buddha Under Her Winter Blanket

Below Average

5 January, 2010 7 comments

Even though only 4 days have passed for January the amount of degrees we are below normal is very extraordinary. Since January 1st our warmest temperature has been 34f on January 1st at 12am. The coldest temperature we have been since January 1st is 5f on January 3rd. Our average high is suppose to be 40f  for this time period and this month so far as only averaged 26f for highs, 14 degrees below normal. It would definitely be lower if the midnight 34f was thrown out. The average low for this time of year is suppose to be 25f and it has only averaged 13f for lows, 12 degrees below normal.

The next few weeks it looks like it will be very difficult to reach 32f and it seems we may get a big snow storm the end of this week. We also look to have quite a bit more snow before January is over,  I am loving this old school winter. If we get a snow cover from the Thursday-Friday snow storm we may actually go below zero for a period of time for lows.

I know it is cold across the whole eastern part of the United States. I have seen the freeze warnings all the way into South Florida and that is ridicules.  I have also heard this may not be the coldest we will see this winter which is exciting and scary all at the same time. Imagine if a large storm dropped snow all the way into the deep south. How cold would Florida be able to reach? Not that I wish that on anyone who lives in the southern states. I am just thinking about how crazy it would be.

Stay Warm,


Monthly Weather Summary:December 2009

1 January, 2010 Leave a comment

The December 2009 Monthly Weather Summary:

Average High: 44f/6.7c     Avergae Low: 28f/-2.2c     Average Rainfall: 4.03″/102.3620mm    

2009 High: 42f/5.6c 2009     2009 Low: 28f/-2.2c 2009     2009 Rainfall: 4.02″/102.1080mm

Departure: -2 degrees                     Departure: +/-0 degrees            Departure: -0.01″/-0.254mm

2009 Snowfall: 2.40″ /60.96mm   Average Snowfall: 1.90″/48.26mm

                    Departure: +0.50″/+12.70mm

Number of Highs at or Below 32f/0c degrees: 1

Number of Lows at or Below 32f/0c degrees: 22

Number of Highs at or Above 90f/32.2c or Hotter: 0

Number of Records: 0

Highest Recorded Temperature: 60f/15.6c degrees on December 14th

Lowest Recorded Temperature: 16f/-8.9c degrees on December 11th


2009 12 Month Summary

2009 Average High: 64f/17.8c  Average High: 65f/18.3c  Departure: -1

2009 Average Low: 46f/7.8c  Average High: 46f/7.8c Departure: +/- 0

2009 Average Rainfall: 53.91″/1369.31mm  Average Rainfall: 43.35″/1101.09mm  Departure: +10.56″/+268.22mm

Hottest 2009 Temperature was 92f/33.3c on June 25th.

Lowest 2009 Temperature was -2f/-18.9c on January 16th.

*Celcius temperatures are rounded and may not be exact.